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strings to my bow!

User eXperience (UX)

  • Initial implementation of "Persona" workshop to profile targeted audiences (definition of profiles and needs)

  • "Content-First" strategy, development of digital strategy based on the creation and organisation of content

  • Initial conception of interactivity depending on targets defined by design brief, "Card-Sorting" workshop and iterative sketches

  • Conception of wireframes, functional architectures and interactive prototypes, analysis of complex flows, coordination with developers

  • Analysis of content architecture based on the "Content-First" strategy and access to content

  • Implementation of interactive prototypes available online for the validation and testing stages

  • Interface design (UI), creation of interactive and scalable digital graphic charts

Digital strategies and web project management

  • Conception of interactive projects, websites, intranet sites, applications, digital ecosystems

  • Analysis of needs for referencing (SEO/SMO) and development of e-marketing strategies, referencing follow-up

  • Technological choices, identification of technical service providers and project follow-up

  • Project management and development follow-up, quality control and scheduling

  • Training your employees in content management
  • Conception and building of narrative infographics in information design and visual storytelling

  • Needs analysis, research and documentation, script writing, implementation of visual universes

  • Graphic creation, artistic direction, managing outsourced creative and strategic talents

  • Production of static, animated and interactive infographics

  • Graphic production, digital printing, offset printing

  • Web broadcasting and social networks, traffic analysis and reporting

  • Overall responsibility for project management

Information design and

visual storytelling

Corporate Identity

  • Name research (branding, Mission Statement)

  • Creation of visual identities (brands and products)

  • Variations of identity for all formats (static, animated)

  • Development of style guides

  • Creation and production of all media

  • Management and tracking of production for printing

Visualisation and implementation of
e-learning solutions

  • Integrating information design in your online training courses


  • Visualising and formatting e-learning training materials


  • Video recordings for software training courses, monitoring
    voice overs


  • Implementation of complete e-learning solutions based on the Adobe Captivate tools (excluding conception of training course content)

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